Talking Table (Isaju)

Hand welded in steel rods and hand turned wood, T-T is a multifunctional side table, with storage and an optional light feature. It's top can also be taken off and used as a tray. 

Dimensions:  W: 15.25”  H: 17”   

[The Talking Tables Collection]

Inspired by the West African Talking Drum (Dundun), which means 'sweet sound' in the Yoruba language. The Talking Drum has the ability to mimic the human speech and was originally used as a communication tool. It is now commonly used in celebrations such as birthdays and weddings. 

These pieces derive their rhythmic sculptural form and sense of materiality from this celebratory instrument. This collection showcases the beauty of hand welding in creating organic and elegant forms. 

ISAJU means the one that leads. Part of the Dundun ensemble and referred to as a baby drum, Isaju is a high pitched sounding drum.